Wednesday, 5 October 2016

A Wallet

Hi everybody,
I'm so sorry I haven't uploaded any new blogs for a while but it isn't because I haven't been sewing, it's more because I haven't taken any photos of me wearing them. I promise I'll do it soon and catch up but meanwhile I can show you my latest make - a wallet.

 As you can see I used the fabric that I had left over from the bag I made some time ago so it matches nicely.
The wallet is called 'Pop to the Shops' and is the newest sewing course in classes presented by Deby Coles who explains she is originally from the UK and judging by her accent I would say that was probably the West Country [Dorset, Devon or Cornwall] but she is a good tutor although I think she would have projected her personality a little more if she smiled a bit. Just my opinion...
In this last photo you can see that I have linked the wallet to the zipper pull of the bag. This not just so I can't forget it once I'm paying for something but it's a small thief deterrent [I don't mean it will only deter small thieves but you know what I mean!!]


  1. I love the wallet Jan, really neat. If they invite me back again, hopefully I won't be so nervous next time and might be able to smile more :-)

    1. I hope they do invite you back, you have loads to offer. You didn't look nervous just a little serious but the class and your instruction was excellent. Well done. I shall certainly be making more wallets.


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