Sunday, 14 December 2014

Georgeous Green Blouse

I was so fortunate to be given a fantastic piece of fabric by a friend of mine and I couldn't wait to turn it into a soft drapey blouse that I could wear during the festive season. I am so pleased with the result and the colour is just stunning.

I could wear the neck tie as a belt threaded through the trouser loops for a different look. Sorry I didn't take many photos as the heating isn't on out on the landing and it was too cold to hang about. We're off out to lunch soon so it wasn't worth heating the whole house this morning....
 I also managed to cut my head off [probably no bad thing!!] but I wanted to show you the blouse, not me anyway.
This was a Burda mix of two different patterns. For the main body I used 11/2013 #103 but I used the neckband from 12/2014 #114 although it gave me great grief because my fabric wasn't stretch as the pattern suggested so I cut it on the bias but I still had trouble putting in the zip at the back. The ruching was too thick once it was reduced in width and didn't really work well with the design. I would probably have done better to choose a cowl neck pattern but heyho! next time...

The colour goes beautifully with the grape wine trousers as you see and at last I'm managing to get clothes that can be partnered with several items to make my wardrobe more flexible. I do thing I have been in danger of making different items with no real thought as to combinations to wear so that I have more choice for outfits that work.

Have you ever made an item that didn't really go with anything else? 

Sunday, 7 December 2014

Pink Brocade Jeans

On the crazy Craftsy Black Friday sale of classes I decided to buy myself Angela Wolf's Designer Jeans. It's really great and she is an excellent tutor. I got inspired but didn't have any denim to hand so used some fabric from my stash that is probably meant for curtains!!

Anyway, it would either be a wearable muslin or just a learning curve but here is where I'm at so far.
The rear view with ric-rac design on pockets
Actually the top stitching is a light blue, the same colour as the ric-rac but it hasn't come out like that in the photo!!
This shows the right side pocket with smaller coin pocket detail at the front

Both front pieces showing ric-rac details before the fly zip has been sewn
I will post more photos as I progress with the project. I have done flat felled seams everywhere so far as the fabric frays a lot as you can see in the photos.The pockets are lined in a plain blue cotton. All the fabric is woven and NON-stretch so I'll be glad when I've done the first fitting!!