Friday, 22 September 2017

Sewing catch up

Gosh, I have been doing a lot of sewing but not a lot of blogging recently so here goes with some catch-up photos.

So first up is a polo neck top and check trousers. The black narrow rib top is fairly plain and straightforward using my basic T-shirt block. The real benefit was using my new coverstitch machine for the neckline and hem. I am certainly appreciating the way it creates a superb finish but still allows lots of stretch. A definite investment that has paid off in terms of a professional and comfortable finish.

The trousers were from a block that I drafted from a new book bought for my recent birthday. I used fabric that I bought in Portugal during our trip last year but I made sure the pattern matched my SFD blueprint. I made the belt loops by employing the wide stitch again on my coverstitch and it worked a treat.

I want to make this pattern again with a beautiful teal linen fabric I have and initially this pair were to be a wearable muslin but they fit and feel so comfortable I think I should look at them as a pretty excellent garment in their own right. I lined them as I've blogged about before and this adds to the comfort factor.

The lilac T-Shirt has purple stars all over it and is a firm but stretchy knit that will act as a staple in my new colour combo as well as acting as a layering piece in the winter.

Next up is this tunic top and again I've employed the coverstitch to do the top stitching in a contrasting gold colour to emphasize the shoulder yoke detail. I'm not too happy with the neckline as I prefer a high neck or collar so my toning scarf dresses it up better for me.

And last but not least I made this comfy turtle neck sweater from a medium weight Ponti knit. I have worn this top to death as it is just so great to wear. I bought the fabric from ebay and am really pleased with it. I know I keep banging on about the coverstitch but it comes into its own when doing collars like this one. It allows the stretch so it pulls over my head easily and the hem just sits there without trying to roll up

I have a few other pieces I need to 'show and tell' but I think that is enough for this blog. Keep a look out for the next installment when I reveal a shirt I made for my Husband and the set of Pattern Making books I referred to above.

Sunday, 3 September 2017

From Oz to the UK and back again.

Some of you may remember that we had a fabulous trip to Australia earlier this year and stayed with friends for a few days during which time I bought my first piece of Aussie fabric from a Spotlight Store in Brisbane. Of course I bought others along the journey but not as much as I'd expected to due to the very high cost compared to the UK. Nevertheless they all arrived home safely in our luggage and I added them to my stash whilst I decided what to make and in what order.

That was back in June but then our Aussie friends decided to come over and visit us here in England and I thought it was time I introduced one of the best admirers of my handmade wardrobe to a special piece just for her. I had taken her measurements before we left Brisbane and created her Body blueprint from my SFD dress kit. I'd also made up a muslin ready for a fitting when they arrived at the end of August.

The test fit was quite good but still needed a bit of tweaking and then to choose a piece of fabric. Yes, you've guessed it, the first Spotlight fabric was perfect so here is the shirt we made. This will now be travelling back to Brisbane in the next few weeks which seems really funny.

I got a lot of pleasure from making this as it was not for me or hubby but a very dear friend who, because of distance we don't see often enough. It's not perfect and we know what would need to be different next time but the colour is so pretty on her.