Saturday, 25 July 2015

Is this too much green?

I need to ask you all a question and want you to be brutally honest...

I bought some plain green fabric to make some trousers and I added a little embroidery at the bottom of one leg. I made them out of about 1.5 metres of a total of 2 metres of fabric I bought whilst visiting Dorchester recently.

 At the same time I also bought some green and yellow mix cotton to make a shirt that would tone nicely and go together.
So far so good.


Having finished the trousers I then set about designing how I would make the top and with the recent success of a blue short sleeved top [blogged here] using Sure-Fit Designs new 'V' neck shirt I decided to base it on the same pattern. I changed the top to have a deep yoke and wanted long cuffed sleeves but to keep the same roll collar and 'V' neck features.

I really love this neckline for a shirt as it gives it a distinct feminine touch and is so easy to achieve.

Using the left over green from the trousers for the yoke and upper collar on its own would be a bit - well bitty! I wanted to bring them together and sorted the exact shades of embroidery threads from my collections and then used these on a modified design to add interest on one side of the yoke, the opposite collar point and the cuffs.

So now I have the trousers and a shirt but I'm thinking they're a bit too much to wear together.  The colour in the photos is a bit off as it as actually a very pretty lime green. The photos also make them look a bit like a pair of PJs. I need some critical comments to make me like this outfit more. Let me know what you think?

I could wear the top with the white Butterfly trousers as the blue matches.

Friday, 17 July 2015

Top from Weymouth Fabric

I bought some great fabric from So 'n' Sew in Weymouth last week and couldn't wait to get home and get started on it. The colours are exactly the same as the butterflies I embroidered on my white trousers so they would pair up well to make a good outfit. I don't usually go for flowers but this just spoke to me. It has a small amount of stretch so a fitted shirt was called for.

My original idea was long sleeves and a cuff  and I also wanted a collar with a 'V' neck but trying to work this out in my head before drafting was proving a bit complicated. Maybe I was trying to over engineer the whole thing?

Then I got a posting from Glenda of Sure-Fit Designs and I guess she must have been reading my mind [the Good Stitch has powers we didn't realise!!] because her new design incorporated the very neckline I was trying to achieve.

When I saw the sleeve detail, which she has done before but it never seemed to grab me, I decided to change my original design from long cuffed sleeves to a short sleeve with the 'V' hem. This had an added bonus because now I have enough fabric left over to make some shorts although I don't think I'll be wearing them together!!!

Of course the top was made using my SFD body blueprint and I also used a trick I picked up from a Craftsy Class on Collars and Closures. Sara Alm shows how she sews fusible fabric to the outside edge of facing before turning and then pressing to the inside of the facing fabric. This was a great tip and made a very clean finish to the button plackets. This design with the 'V' opening should lie flat and not fold back but if it did there would be no serged edge showing and I like this method.

With a belt ???

We've been invited to a BBQ this weekend so I guess this will be my outfit...