Saturday, 25 July 2015

Is this too much green?

I need to ask you all a question and want you to be brutally honest...

I bought some plain green fabric to make some trousers and I added a little embroidery at the bottom of one leg. I made them out of about 1.5 metres of a total of 2 metres of fabric I bought whilst visiting Dorchester recently.

 At the same time I also bought some green and yellow mix cotton to make a shirt that would tone nicely and go together.
So far so good.


Having finished the trousers I then set about designing how I would make the top and with the recent success of a blue short sleeved top [blogged here] using Sure-Fit Designs new 'V' neck shirt I decided to base it on the same pattern. I changed the top to have a deep yoke and wanted long cuffed sleeves but to keep the same roll collar and 'V' neck features.

I really love this neckline for a shirt as it gives it a distinct feminine touch and is so easy to achieve.

Using the left over green from the trousers for the yoke and upper collar on its own would be a bit - well bitty! I wanted to bring them together and sorted the exact shades of embroidery threads from my collections and then used these on a modified design to add interest on one side of the yoke, the opposite collar point and the cuffs.

So now I have the trousers and a shirt but I'm thinking they're a bit too much to wear together.  The colour in the photos is a bit off as it as actually a very pretty lime green. The photos also make them look a bit like a pair of PJs. I need some critical comments to make me like this outfit more. Let me know what you think?

I could wear the top with the white Butterfly trousers as the blue matches.


  1. OK,Jan...I'll jump in.Firstly,I LOVE the pants-beautiful design and enviable fit. With the tank top you look very stylish and current.. Re the shirt-I can see what you're trying to achieve and your work is lovely. I'm not the best person to be commenting about embroidery on clothing, as I personally never wear it. Having said that,and taking into account your pleasure in achieving such a look,I would suggest not using embroidery on the shirt cuffs as it's taken the look into the 'matchy matchy' zone,in my view,and this can be ageing.(I see it all the time in 50+ RTW shops.) As you've commented,maybe splitting up the pieces might work better.
    I also LOVE that style of shirt front,as I have a short neck and find the 'V' formed by not having a top button is very flattering.I make all my shirts like this now.(Not that you have my problem. :-) )
    I hope this is the sort of comment you were looking for.

  2. Hi Aless, Yes this is exactly the sort of comment I needed to hear and I agree with everything you said. I'm new to embroidery and need to practice and experiment. There is a fine line between enhancing a project, taking it to another level, and just adding 'because I can' and overcooking it. Really appreciate your post.

  3. Hi Jan. I agree with Aless, the blouse and trousers are lovely but I think they are a bit too much worn together. The trousers work really well with the white vest you're wearing and I'm sure the blouse would look amazing with different coloured trousers. I have yet to try embroidery and I think yours is beautiful. Debbie.

    1. Thank you Debbie, I do agree with you. I shall not be wearing them as a pair.


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