Sunday, 2 August 2015

And now the shorts

You've seen the fabric made up into a shirt and blogged here but this wonderful fabric with a bit of stretch had enough left over for a pair of shorts - but would I dare?

We're off to the Northern Italian Lakes for a month soon and I thought a pair of shorts would be a great addition to my wardrobe.

I made them from my basic trouser sloper [courtesy of SFD] and cut them out as long as the fabric let me.

I extended the waist by twice the width of the elastic plus seam allowance and didn't sew the darts. I also left out pockets and zip fly front. Once they were made up I made sure I could pull them on over my hips with the elastic in place and they fitted well so estimated a decent hem length to suit my age!

It doesn't show to well in the photos but there is also a 'V' split in the side leg hem similar to the sleeve hem in the top with the same fabric.

I'm delighted with the result so I may come home with tanned legs WhooHoo!!


  1. Very cute, Jan! You go girl, you look great in shorts!

    SFD user, RM


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