Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Pretty Pink and Waistcoat Nightmare!!

Hi Everyone, the sun is shining, we are now in official British Summer Time and we have been invited to an April Birthday Bash so I needed something to wear!!!

I chose a pretty pink fabric from my stash that had loads of drapey qualities and made this rather plain blouse.

I decided to glam it up a bit by stitching a row of diamonds [they're not real!!] around the neckline. I bought a metre of these on a string from a store in Aguilas, Spain last month for just €2.50 [about £1.80] but the add the right amount of sparkle I think.

I also made a tie that could be worn as a pussy bow, as a sash around the waist to turn the blouse into a tunic or threaded through the loops on my trousers waistband...

As it's a casual affair, I plan to wear the plum trousers I made recently and as I had enough fabric left over decided to make a matching waistcoat to complete the ensemble. The trouble I had with this was incredible and I nearly ended up throwing it in the bin. I sewed the shoulders  and all side seams of the waiscoat and lining then with right sides together I joined the lining to the body from the hem of one side around the neck and back down the other side. So far so good.... then I sewed around the first armhole and Oh dear!!! I couldn't figure out how on earth I should turn it the right way. I pulled it, pushed it, just about turned myself inside out in my frustration but it just wasn't going to happen.

So I turned to my library of books. Vogue, Readers Digest, Dressmakers Bible and loads of others but NONE of them had instructions of how to create a lined waistcoat and turn it right side out.... Thank goodness for You Tube. I found a couple of excellent tutorials and realised where I'd gone completely wrong. I shouldn't have sewn the side seams at all so, out came the seam ripper and after completing the armholes and then re-doing the side seams, I'd got it right. That just left the hem to be stitched by hand and the buttonholes. Phew!!!

I may post more pictures of me wearing the whole outfit on the day including hopefully, the birthday boy himself with the shirt I blogged last time as his gift.

Have you ever struggled to make a lined waistcoat or garment that just got in a muddle?

Sunday, 22 March 2015

Birthday Shirt

Hi Everyone, It's been a while as I have been away in Spain for a couple of months getting a bit of sun to help get through the dreary winter in the UK.

I'm home again now and back in my sewing room. My first project has been a shirt as a 70th birthday gift for a friend. His wife emailed me his measurements so I'm hoping it will fit!! This is the first time I have made a garment for anyone other than myself or Hubby and I can tell you I was pretty nervous about it. In fact I will be until he opens it on 17th April and tries it on....

Small back pleat for a little ease.

The collar.

The shirt doesn't look brilliant on my 'female' dummy....

The cuff detail.

Have you ever made a gift for a friends' birthday?