Thursday, 18 June 2015

Butterfly Trousers

When I bought my new sewing machine that also does embroidery I told myself I WOULD NOT just embroider everything I made 'just because I could'. If I did do any it would be under stated, discreet and only when the garment totally cried out for some embellishment. Most of the fabric in my stash is there because it spoke to me or was gifted and probably stood up for itself in the way of design. My garments would have design interest in the shape or cut and pattern drafting feature rather than just some random piece of embroidery.

So why then when I needed to make a white pair of trousers, currently a wardrobe staple missing from my closet, did I do this....?

 Please excuse the photos, I couldn't decide whether standing in the doorway with the light behind me was better than in the semi-dark with door shut. Also I had been wearing the trousers all morning to test comfort when sitting down etc so they look a bit creased but they passed all my testing and I've ended up being quite pleased with the end result.

I found it quite awkward trying to show the left leg and my right front hip at the same time but I managed to get them all in.

My excuse is that I am still learning how to use the machine and this is just for practice!! Ahem!!

Well I now have several pairs of really well fitting, comfortable trousers so the next step is to make some for Hub. He bought some fabric and I've made a muslin but he is so picky I'm trying to get up the courage to make a start and keep putting it off.

Do you find you have more confidence making things for yourself than other people even if it is for family?

I have recently made a couple of printed jersey tops [with no embroidery!] so as soon as I've taken the photos I'll be back to blog about them.