Friday, 30 October 2015

I've made a handbag!!!

Wow, I've made a handbag and I'm very pleased with the result [it being my first attempt].

I'm still trying to finish the jacket blogged last time but the sleeves are giving me some problems. I didn't want the puffed, gathered sleeves in the Burda pattern for the jacket so I redesigned the sleeve head but it wasn't that easy. Insead of having 1½ - 2" to 'ease' in, when I measured it was 3½" so no wonder I was having problems. 
Out came the seam ripper and a few modifications later and I've almost got one in. I still have three to go including the lining and I don't know about you but when a project doesn't go smoothly I get a bit disheartened and lose a bit of enthusiasm. Don't get me wrong, I haven't given up completely but I needed another project to 'lift' my spirits.

With Craftsy offering free classes for a small fee available only for October, I took advantage of the Design Your Own Handbag by Brett Bara class and found this to be exactly what I needed.

Brett was an excellent tutor and filled me with enthusiasm. I had fabric left over from the jacket and trousers so together with some hardware 'bits' bought from eBay, this is what I made.

I embroidered the front pocket before it was sewed to the bag. In fact sewing the whole bag was straightforward and fun but the order that you do things needs a lot of planning.
 This is the back of the bag with a zipped pocket. The outside pockets all had to be completed before sewing the sides and bottom of the bag. Each piece is interfaced and then a thick interlining is sandwiched between the outer bag and inner lining fabric.

 The view from the top of the bag shows the recessed zip which is a separating zipper so actually opens wider than shown.
 There is also a small zip pocket in the lining.

This view shows the inner zip closed to ensure contents stay inside.

The base of the bag has a stiffener provided by my husband and cut exactly to size. The stud feet are easy to apply and add a professional touch.

Well the bag is finished so I have no excuse now not to get back to the jacket sleeves. Making the bag was a good diversion for me. Do you find when a project is hitting a bit of a brick wall that it's best to move away from it temporarily and re visit it when your mood is in a better place to continue?


  1. Love the matching bag! You'll be doing it for all your outfits now... Oopsie, to much fabric, better make a bag too ;-) Hehe

  2. Yes Linda, I'd thought that might happen but then what? Matching shoes, underwear even ... Oh dear no!!!


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