Monday, 4 May 2015

A Dummy Dilemma

Does anyone else have an issue with their Tailor's Dummy?

I bought an adjustable one and after changing the settings to reflect my Bust, Waist and Hip measurements I then made a moulange and fitted it to the dummy. However, I have a big issue with the makers of these items who never consider the shoulder to apex measurement.

My dummy measured 21cm and even with some extra padding and shoulder pads the measurement is till only 23 cm. My measurement is 31 cm as I have a long upper body. I don't know how to make this work better.
If I pad it out any more I will lose the neck altogether and then the armholes are not in the right place. Please keep them printable but does anyone have any sensible suggestions? Do you have a similar problem?
Why don't they make these dummies more flexible for adjusting length as they are not cheap items to start with?

Sorry about the rant but I'm getting a complex and I refuse to believe I am that odd!!!

OK, I've calmed down now and showing a picture of the beautiful flowering cherry tree at the front of our house. The blossom only lasts until the first puff of wind as you see by the mountain of petals that have already fallen but for a brief moment in time it is a wonderful sight to behold.

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