Monday, 21 March 2016

Scrap Top

With the success of my Go Shamrock top I was motivated to make another. I had some black and white fabric with a slight stretch left over from my negative shirt, blogged here.

The problem was, I didn't have enough... I could get the fronts [without the facings], back and short sleeves with no problem. I could even manage to get one collar piece and one buttonhole facing piece but I had to be creative with the second collar piece. I just managed to cut this out by adding a small seam allowance and not cutting on the fold. When putting together I used the joined piece as the under collar so it doesn't show.

The bigger problem was the button band facing. I had just enough to get the top facing down to beyond where the collar folds back but not enough for the whole piece. As you see by the photos I cut out a piece of plain black to finish this off. Once again only you and I know I did this so as it isn't going to show. I think I got away with it.


I cut a 'Glenda' style 'V' in the hem of the sleeve which is shown here. It looks huge in the photo but is actually only a small slit but adds that little bit of design extra.

Here is the notched collar effect which is so neat to make but effective in appearance.

This shirt is comfortable to wear and is already packed in the motorhome ready for our trip through France and Spain to Portugal where I hope the sun and some warm weather will mean it gets a lot of wear.

The picture below shows the back view which has two darts. This shirt is so easy with Sure-Fit Designs following the videos Glenda has made. Not only is it easy to make but the fit is really comfortable and the style, everlasting.

I can't believe I've managed to make this shirt out of what was left over scrap fabric. This is when sewing for yourself gets that bonus buzz. The first garment takes the whole cost of the fabric into consideration as that is why it was purchased, so anything made from the surplus is free and delivers even more of a good feeling.

Take a look at Erica Bunker's Blog where she made herself a yellow top recently for about $20. She took inspiration from a top that looked quite limp and lifeless that was priced at $840. The top she made was infinitely better and fitted her perfectly. Goodness knows why anyone would have forked out such a huge amount for the original, it must have been sewn with gold leaf thread to be worth that price!!

This picture shows the folded shirt on top of a large piece of heavy weight white fabric that will make a great pair of trousers to go with this shirt.

I have a friend, Amanda, who sadly lost her Mum very recently and she had to do one of the worst jobs of clearing out her Mum's things. Even with all the sadness and emotion she must have been feeling she thought of me when she came across some pieces of fabric. We met last week and she handed me a large bag stuffed with pieces that I will be working on as soon as we get back from Europe. This was one of the pieces and I'm hoping I might make the trousers before we go. I'm going to ask Amanda what her Mum liked, a specific flower, a small creature or colour that I could embroider somewhere discreetly that will remind us of her. I'll keep you posted.


  1. Your shirt looks fabulous and as you say, even better that you effectively got it for free. It perfectly matches the fabric you have set aside for your new trousers. I really must pluck up the courage to get my sure fit bodice started - I've had the kit for 6 months now.


    1. Oh Debbie, how have you managed to keep your hands off it? Once you take the plunge it'll change your life. Use cheap fabric to start so it won't matter if it's not perfect but you'll gain confidence and soon it'll be as easy as Glenda makes it look.


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