Tuesday, 14 June 2016

A shirt for me and trousers for Hubby

There seems to have been a lot going on lately and although I've managed to do a lot of sewing as well I haven't been taking photos so didn't get round to blogging as soon as I finished each item as I usually do.

Anyway with lots to blog about I took pictures this morning and here are some of the garments.

First up is a black and white shirt that I made to go under my black suit. This was to wear for my Father-in-Law's funeral two weeks ago during which I delivered the eulogy on behalf of his two sons so I needed to feel confident on the day.
Not much to say about this as I have made the pattern up several times and I had the fabric in my stash. I also had these black and white buttons which matched perfectly. The sleeves look a bit long in this photo but the fabric is quite drapey and I wanted the cuffs to show under the sleeves of my suit so they actually worked well.

In addition I made an everlasting scarf with the remnants in case it was raining outside the Crematorium and I needed to cover my head but it wasn't needed on the day. However, as you see here it made a useful item to wear with other outfits in the future. Very easy and quick to sew.

Next up is a pair of trousers I made for my husband. I've asked him to wear them so I can take a photo to show you but he keeps making excuses so I decided to take photos anyway. He chose the fabric while we were in Nazare, Portugal earlier this year and for the inside of the front and back pockets I used material from a couple of his Dad's shirts before they were thrown out so he has a reminder of him when he wears them.

 The back welt pockets didn't go too well and this is a skill I must practice on to perfect. You might also notice that the waistband seam isn't central but he would always wear a belt so this won't show. I'm not sure what went wrong here except that the extra bit under the front fly extension seems to have thrown out the measurements. Again I must try harder next time.

He is very tall and has long legs but finds it hard to get RTW trousers that have the right length but not a huge waist. I probably make the waistband look big in this photo but it's just the way I'm holding them. At least these fit him perfectly and I am mostly happy with them and have noted where I need to make changes for next time.

My next blog will show you the apricot jeans that you may have noticed in these photos and I also made a very quick polo neck T-shirt so look out for my next publication.

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