Sunday, 19 June 2016

Tangerine Jeans

Having teased you with a brief view of my jeans in my last post I can now show you the garment in all its glory [!!]

First of all the fabric. This is a stretch cotton tangerine fabric and was a bargain piece from Abakhan in Hanley, Staffordshire, bought on a recent visit to the area. I asked the lady you see in the picture if it was alright to take a photo and she said yes but ran behind the shelves and ducked down out of site so as not to be in the photo herself. Unfortunately she popped her head up just as I snapped!! She was a lovely, helpful member of staff and had a great smile so I'm glad I caught her after all. But just take a look at this store!!! It's so hard to choose or maybe it's not the choosing but knowing when to stop!!

The cotton flower piece that I used for the pocket bags was from a single sheet bought from a charity shop in Reigate for just £2.50. There is enough for a shirt that I will blog about when it's finished but the colour matches perfectly. I'm thinking of maybe a western style shirt to go with the jeans and then perhaps I should take up line dancing!!!

I embroidered the back pockets from a stock design and top stitched in a toning brown using the top thread double and using a straight stitch at 4.5 length.

This is the front fly showing the belt loops, pocket fronts and buttonhole.

Below shows the inside front view.

 These jeans are so comfortable to wear and the fabric is quite lightweight but soft to touch. I am very pleased with the fit [SFD jeans blueprint again]. I bought just over 2 metres but only used about 1.5 metres to make them so I reckon they cost me about £4.00 in total. BARGAIN.


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    1. Thank you Pat, it's been a long journey...

  2. Yes,they certainly are perfect. Love that soft tangerine color and your embroidery.

  3. Thank you Glenda. I took your advice on the shirt and it's looking good now. Next blog will reveal all.


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