Friday, 22 July 2016

Exclusive shirt with mock scarf tie and lightweight trousers for summer

At last we have some real sunshine and heat here in the South of England so with the windows of my sewing room open and the curtains billowing all around me, I've kept cool and welcomed hearing the birds singing outside.

So what have I made this week? Well I feel quite pleased with myself and feel I've come a long way on my sewing journey. From novice just three years ago I now have the confidence to use my basic sloper to design garments exactly as I want them to look.

The shirt I made last week [blogged at the bottom here] fitted well but I had some soft grey and light teal fabric that seemed to want something less structured yet retaining some of the classic shirt elements. I thought a pussy bow blouse might do it but I didn't want the fussiness of the bow. Then my latest copy of BurdaStyle magazine arrived and there was a superb design for a shirt in the Plus Fashion section that showed a scarf / tie looped through a fake knot at the front to simulate a sort of Windsor Knot. That was exactly the look I was after so I set about designing my new shirt with that in mind.

With hindsight I think it might have looked better if I'd placed it a bit lower but overall I am pleased with the result.

This top has bust and waist darts at the front and back waist darts but it wasn't meant to be totally fitted, I just wanted it to have some shape but retain the look of a shirt.
I added a small amount of fabric to the back fold and used this to form a pleat at the back yoke and kept the shirt tail hem. I quite like the look of the shirt tucked in with the tie hanging below waist level.

The cuffs have a placket and angled corners on both ends. I was thrilled to find the perfect buttons in my collection which I remember being on a suit my Mum had so I have the memory of her in this shirt too.

The trousers are made from a lightweight fabric that I bought in Nazare, Portugal earlier this year and it behaved beautifully. I did think that it might be too light and need lining but I think they work for a summer pair and would be too hot if lined.

They are mostly grey with a pink thread running through it which gives them a more feminine look. Despite feeling quite thin the fabric holds pressing well and although it has no stretch doesn't 'bag' with wear so will travel well and will definitely be packed for my next Portuguese trip in September.

I hope you like this outfit and are inspired to take design elements where you find them to make your own individual items.

Thank you for reading.


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