Sunday, 17 July 2016

More Jeans and a New Shirt

Once I finished my Tangerine Jeans I was motivated to use the fabulous turquoise fabric I bought when we passed through Vendôme in France earlier this year for another pair.

If I am happy with a completed garment I often want to dive straight in and make another similar item almost immediately which doesn't make a lot of sense really but there you go...

The fabric has some stretch and I knew would be perfect for jeans. This time I decided to make them more subtle and used a co-ordinated thread for the back pockets and top stitching instead of contrast. The top I am wearing in the photos was made a long time ago but the colours were a perfect match. I don't particularly like this top but I was still learning and experimenting when I made it. I don't think the peplum style is good on me and the sleeves aren't buttoned cuffs that I favour so don't pay it too much attention as it is the jeans that I am trying to show you at this time.

Next up is a 'V' neck shirt with collar and stand made from my SFD shirt kit body blueprint. The cuff detail doesn't show that well in the photos but I put a corner on upper buttonhole edge and left the under button side straight. I think I would cut both of next time to show the detail up more.

I was also pleased that having watched a Craftsy Class by Suzy Furrer on drafting sleeves and plackets, I picked up the comment that plackets should point exactly to the elbow and as you see I managed to achieve this.

The fabric is 100% cotton that I've had in my stash for some time and to be honest I can't remember where I got it which is a shame because I usually know where every piece is from and if I've bought it while we're away from home, wearing the garment always reminds me of the place.

The contrast fabric was also in my stash and that was part of some small pieces given to me by a friend who lives near Poole in Dorset. It matched perfectly and was too small to be used as anything other than trimming.

Please excuse the photo showing the tails which I should have given a final press before showing you but as it seems ages since I last blogged I was anxious to get writing.

As you see my lack of blogs is not because I haven't been sewing but more because I haven't been taking photos... Sorry.

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