Friday, 6 January 2017

My first fitted tailored jacket with matching trousers

Wow, I've done it - I've actually made a lined, tailored jacket that fits me.

But first the matching trousers. As you see here in the photos the trousers are the same as many others I've made from my SFD pants body blueprint but the idea to embroider the left leg was to match the jacket.

Here is a close up of the left leg where the embroidery is larger than the lapel design because the larger wouldn't fit on the lapel and the smaller one was so small it looked silly on the leg.

A close up of the right lapel which has two plastic jewels to add a little shine. I wanted something to make this trouser suit unique and to add a designer touch without over cooking it. My desired aim was to have a piece that looked more like a brooch and I think this has been achieved.

The jacket was based around McCall's 8638 a Palmer/Pletsch very old pattern I have had for ages labelled as the 'no fail jacket'. The only problem were the 70s style of shoulders which were way too large and had to be trimmed back to match my SFD body blueprint. The front dart and apex position were also a long way from mine but it was easy to reposition them using SFD.

The instructions were mostly straightforward although having basted the centre lining pleat as directed they never explained when or even if they should be removed!! Strange.

The welt pockets however were a lot easier than I imagined and I would certainly use this method when I next do welts. I am so confident having made them this way that I will not be as terrified when facing this particular feature again.

And now for the short video showing the jacket itself with the smaller version of the embroidery on the right lapel. There is no sound on this video. The pink shirt I am wearing was one I made nearly two years ago so not a recent make.

I am just so pleased with the fit and look of this suit but I haven't even told you the best bit.... I bought this medium weight, inky navy blue suiting fabric from one of my trusted sellers on eBay. I had intended it was going to be a muslin or practice jacket but actually as I put more effort into it, sleeve heads, shoulder pads, the lapel design etc I realised it was perfectly wearable and hence went on to make the matching trousers. I bought 4 metres and have used just about three [enough left over for a possible waiscoat!!] and the cost - £4.00. Yes the whole 4 metres was £4.00 and OK the postage was an extra £3.15 and adding lining, thread and buttons etc the total outfit probably cost a staggering £9.50. Now that's what I call a result.

Now I really must start making my lightweight capsule wardrobe for Australia - just over two months to go and then I'll start blogging about our trip on the Australian Adventure Tab if you'd like to follow along.

Thank you for reading my blog.


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you Caroline, I am pleased but the next one will be even better!!! I learned so much making this but feel I overcame my fear of making a jacket.

  2. You nailed the fit and even better the cost to make it! Well done.

    1. That was indeed the icing on the cake. I wore it to a meeting yesterday and felt as though I was wearing a VERY expensive designer suit. Who would guess what it actually cost? Thank you for your comments.


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