Thursday, 19 January 2017

My second Tailored Jacket

I had to prove I could really do it so although making my first jacket was a goal achieved, could I do it again? That was my immediate reaction.

I looked in my stash and found a lovely blue winter weight check that I had initially bought to make my husband a shirt. He didn't like the colour!! He has blue eyes and it would have been fabulous on him but he prefers dull browns so it stayed in my stash until....

It actually looks a lot brighter and better than the picture shows.

I decided this second jacket would be more casual than the suit jacket so this blue plaid would work well enough, I just had to interface every piece to give the fabric a bit of extra structure.

I have a book called 'Make Your Own Clothes' and there is a shawl collared jacket at the very back that would be perfect. The book comes with its own software which allows you to input your own measurements, decide how much seam allowance you want and then print out the pattern on A4 sheets.

I measured the result against my own body sloper and it seemed to be pretty much on target so I used it to make a muslin first and that fitted perfectly so I went ahead with the fabric.

The method I used from the suit jacket pattern by Palmer/Pletsch for the welt pockets was so easy that I followed the same instructions on this jacket but decided to leave out the flap this time. They turned out very well and I've now conquered my fear of welts.

The collar was more tricky even though it should have been easier being a shawl collar. The instructions for this part of the jacket were totally non existent in the book and the pattern pieces just didn't seem to go together at all. I cobbled it as best I could and it looks fine but I'm not sure I did what I was supposed to.

The jacket is lined in a lovely sky blue satin which makes it feel really luxurious when wearing and especially when putting it on or taking it off.

This will definitely be in my holiday suitcase as a jacket to wear with jeans or trousers when dining out for a slightly less casual / holiday outfit.

I have added some temporary black buttons but I don't think they're right so I'm looking for something better.

I have already finished 3 stretch T-Shirt tops to go with the jackets and I shall blog about them very soon.

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