Friday, 28 July 2017

Butterfly T-Shirt

 Just a very quick post to show you my butterfly T-Shirt.

This was made with one metre of fabric bought for silly money at FabricLand in Bournemouth during a recent trip to stay with friends. I was generously surprised by our host taking me just 10 minutes down the road to the Fabricland Warehouse and this was one of 6 peices I bought.

The fabric is super stretchy and it feels very comfortable. I like the fact that it hugs me and is the length I like my T-shirts to be as well as the sleeve length being right. This could only happen when you draft and sew for yourself.

Sewing my own clothes is a great hobby, not only can I now make clothes that fit and feel comfortable on me but I have a unique outfit for a fraction of RTW.

I do have an issue though and that is to do with inspiration. I subscribe to BurdaStyle and My Image magazines and follow a lot of bloggers and vloggers who all show of their latest patterns and makes.

They are all very young though and trying to find age appropriate designs is not simple.

I was reminded of this when I found a great pattern in the latest bi-annual issue of My Image. The pattern looked great and I had the perfect fabric, a silver grey crushed velvet. It was a bomber jacket with ribbing at the waistline, cuffs and neck edges.

I have made the garment and although it's not perfect, it turned out pretty much like the picture in the magazine and I am pleased with the fit but I will be 70 years old later this year and I wonder if I should be wearing a bomber jacket or am I just in denial?


  1. I'm a firm believer in people wearing what makes them happy. Having said that, and only because you asked, I think it's what you wear with the jacket that will make it look chic and trendy as opposed to "what is she thinking?". The colour and fabric are great, and I think would look great with darker pants, a brighter top (fuchsia?) and maybe a silk scarf? Maybe not with sweat pants, or pants that are a lighter colour. But try it with different things, and see what looks good to your eye.

  2. Hi Jan,
    Inspiration is what we all need for our sewing projects. And I certainly understand about 'age appropriateness'. That being said, you need to wear what you feel comfortable in.
    That is why we've started up a once a month SFD newsletter - 'Monthly Makes - Strut your Stuff'.
    Our first month letter is coming out tomorrow. We want to feature 3-4 outfits each month. The SFD newsletter has a much broader reach than just our Facebook group.
    We'd love for you to contribute some of your makes. This bomber jacket is lovely as is the entire outfit. If you do want to contribute, please send your photos to as she is coordinating this project (even though the newsletter needs to come out from me as I have the mailing list - LOL).
    Please consider this...thanks so much.

    1. Thank you Glenda I will give it some thought

  3. Hi Jan,
    Your butterfly t-shirt is really cute. As for the bomber jacket, I think bomber jackets are for all ages. Velvet is so in this fall, so you are right on with the trends. You are not in denial. I think it is just as appropriate for our age as for the young. If it makes you happy and makes you smile and you like it, then it is perfect. Anne S.


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