Thursday, 3 August 2017

A New Toy in My Sewing Room

Yes I've bought myself a gift and it's another learning curve but thanks to You Tube and a Craftsy Class I am getting to grips with my new Coverstitch Machine. I've got some results to show you that I think you'll find amazing!!

First of all, here it is - It's a Janome CoverPro 2000CPX

And I've already had a practice which whilst not perfect yet [I've only had it 4 days!] is certainly a whole lot better than my sewing machine could have done.

First up is a turquoise blue T-shirt that I'd half made and embroidered my initial on one sleeve before it arrived. In fact I stopped making it when I finally caved in and made the purchase. It was the perfect garment to test so I waited for it to arrive before hemming and finishing the neck and sleeves.

Here are the results.

Take a close look at those hems. I'm really impressed with the result. The machine came loaded with white thread which is why you see this top stitching in white and not a matching thread but at least it shows up so you can see the effect.

My next effort is a strawberry colour knit fabric that was very difficult to handle. It's quite drapey and thin but a fantastic colour.

I matched the thread this time so seeing the result is not so easy but hopefully you'll get the picture.

This has made such a professional looking difference and copies high end fashion so well. It's easy to use and I have lots of other plans so expect to see more examples in my next blogs.

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