Sunday, 21 September 2014

Carpenter's Trousers

Well they're not really Carpenter's Trousers but they were made from the same fabric as the Carpenter's Jacket as shown in my last blog.

I hadn't set out to make a suit as such it was just a way of using up the leftover fabric.
 I can see that the rear view shows some spare fabric in the small of my back that I need to sort out in the next pair I make.

 I used the pink to make the pocket facing and edged the pockets with a double thread through the needle and chose a fancy stitch from my Janome's built in options to make a top stitch feature using the pink. I also used this on the belt carriers.
 Overall I'm pleased with the shape and they're super comfy to wear. I don't think I'll be wearing them together as a suit much though!!

 Showing the jacket lining.
My next project is a shirt for 'he who thinks he should be obeyed!!!'

By the way the electric bike is great fun. We spent a couple of days in Gosport, Stokes Bay to be exact where there are lots of traffic free cycle paths. I needed to get a bit of confidence with the bike and this was just perfect. It was also my birthday so we went to a local hotel for a meal.

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