Sunday, 7 September 2014

Purple Fleece Hoodie

I made a fleece hoodie a few weeks ago but only managed to get round to photographing it this morning so here are the photos.
 I made the hood so that it didn't fall over my head and into my eyes as the first one I made had done. I wanted more of a 'Scottish Widow Cloak Type Hood look' if you know what I mean?
 I purchased the fleece from a market stall and these were 2 ends of roll. There wasn't enough to make one so the two-tone design was more a matter of having no choice but actually I think it works well enough.
 This was also my first attempt at putting in an open ended zip. I realise I should have bought a longer one but the bit at the bottom was an afterthought to balance the design better and I had already ordered the zip. It was also my first attempt at Kangaroo pockets and these were a lot easier than I thought. The trick was to get them evenly placed.
At least it's cosy and warm and will be useful as Summer turns to Autumn. I'm thinking of buying an electric bike so this will be a good garment for that as it weighs very little but will certainly keep out the wind.

I have more photos of me wearing the peplum blouse in my previous post and will have more of the brown jacket that is nearing completion.

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