Friday, 10 October 2014

Burda shirt second try

Today I want to show you my latest attempt at perfecting the Burda Shirt I first made in a deep pink some time ago. Whilst the pink shirt looked OK it didn't feel quite right. The shoulders didn't sit on my shoulder line properly and the back needed a bit of ease to allow me to stretch forward without it pulling tight so....
Here is the shirt with a re-worked shoulder seam, rolling it to the front more on the sleeve edge and adjusting the back seams to match. I've also added ease across the back yoke although I didn't take a picture of this during construction.
This picture shows the second sleeve, collar and upper collar ready for fitting and the sleeve cuff which has been interfaced and pressed.

I didn't have enough of either fabric to complete the garment in one type but by creating a jigsaw of the pieces I think it's come together quite well. I think it might have been better if I'd had enough of the sleeve fabric to also do the front yoke attachments instead of using the opposite grain line but hindsight is a wonderful thing!
 And so to the finished shirt - front view and ...
... back view. Overall I am very happy with how this shirt feels and the modification has worked well.

The saying that 'practice makes perfect' is so true in sewing as each time it gets a bit better and a bit easier. I really feel that I am making progress - here's hoping it continues.

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