Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Top to go with the navy trousers

Having made a comfortable pair of navy trousers I realised I had nothing that really went with them in my wardrobe. So searching in my stash I found some fabric that had a lovely drape and a navy background to the flowery pattern. I normally don't go for flowers but the colours in this were very pretty so I made a simple Burda top with a mandarin collar and narrow ribbon ties that I'd made successfully before.

Believe it or not the hardest part to make was attaching the heart shaped buttons at the ends of the tie. I put two back-to-back and sewed through both together until I was ready to finish when I realised I couldn't get the needle and thread between the two buttons. I ended up struggling with two crochet hooks until I managed to pull the thread between them to tie off. They do however match the buttons on the cuffs although they don't show in the photo.
I like full sleeves but I think these might have been better a little shorter. It's amazing what the camera sees that I wished I'd noticed while I was making it.


  1. I do the exact same thing - sew up a separate (skirt or top) then realise "I have nothing to wear with this!" I'm in envy of people who can really plan their sewing, but unfortunately I don't work like that.

    I also love how you say you don't wear florals but have made TWO floral garments recently! Heh.

    1. Hi Sophie, I bought a 'job lot' of fabric from eBay to practice with and the floral was amongst it. I would never have gone into a shop and bought these fabrics but you're right, it got me out of my comfort zone and made me experiment.

  2. You've made a fab outfit there. I really love the fabric for your top- it looks beautifully drapey and flattering. And the print is very pretty.

    Like Sophie-Lee, I struggle to sew with a plan. I can just about manage to keep to a basic colour theme, which does help to make things co-ordinate, but I bow down in admiration to those who can plan to sew a fully matching wardrobe, for the season!

  3. I tend to get a bit over-excited and MAKE ALL THE THINGS! But I have nothing to wear with them. I really need to work on co-ordinating my wardrobe....


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