Sunday, 19 October 2014

Navy Trousers - the best fit ever

I've just finished the best fitting trousers I've ever made [or worn!!].

I owe it all to three things

1. Sure-fit Designs pants sloper made to my measurements
2. Making several pairs already where I've noted different issues that need to change plus I made a muslin.
3. Hints and tips from 'Pants for Real People' by Patti Palmer and Marta Alto. This book was great and could possibly have made some of my previous pairs less issue ridden. I especially liked fitting the trousers [pants] before attaching the waistband then marking the seam lines on both as well as the desired actual waistline. This certainly put the waistband in the correct place at last!!!

Here are the photos during construction.
 The fronts with fly zip and side slant pockets completed.
 The fly zip inside.
 My home made fly zip template for marking the front stitching line. I use a sliver of soap to mark it which is easy dissolved after stitching.
 Inside the fronts. I used lining fabric for the pocket lining and the main fabric for the pocket bag was extended to the fly seams to add a bit of secret tummy tuck support!!
 These photos show the nearly finished trousers although there are still pins in the hem and front fastening as I needed to see where to put the hem for wearing small heels.
 I love the side slant pockets, they seem to flatter the shape.
 Side seams are straight and bum doesn't look too big!!
 I made these a bootleg shape but I think I could have been braver and made them a little tighter at the knee before the flare.

The rear view - what can I say? The trousers are now hemmed using a blind stitch hem which I love doing on my machine as it doesn't show at all if you use the correct thread shade.and the hooks and fastenings are in the right place. These are really comfortable to wear and I shall now be making more.

Have you struggled to get the right fit for trousers?


  1. I think everyone has struggled to get the right fit on trousers. But it looks like you have it pretty much sorted. Great trousers!

  2. I would say your trousers look great. Someone told me last night there is a great video of two mature ladies teaching how to measure and adjust trousers on a youtube video but I never seen. Im dying to see because apparently they call crotch curve fish bow. I let you know if I find it.

    1. Hi Rachel, thanks for stopping by. I know the blog you refer to, it's Joyful Expressions and Joy and her friend Philly demonstrate a bendy curved ruler that is supposed to be your exact pants curve, it's hilarious to watch!! They have so much fun but I'm not convinced it's the best solution.

  3. Like Gaye said, I think most of us struggle with trousers. Probably a combination of strange curves to take into account, the hassle of making a full muslin (rather than just a quick bodice for a dress) and the sadness of wearing poorly fitted pants.

    These are GREAT though, they make me wish I could get away with this sort of pant - unfortunately I have a full lower belly and, even with the pocket stays, I have the feeling these would look terrible. They'd also look great with a fitted blouse/singlet top if you wanted to show off your arms, too!

    1. A good pair of trousers should 'hide' a tummy. Have a look at the Patti Palmer book 'Pants for real people'. This covers trousers for every shape and is a trouser bible MUST HAVE. Thank you for your comments.

  4. They look great- a good fit. I'm not brave enough yetoto attempt pants.

    1. I encourage you to 'have a go', they are a lost easier than they look. The trick is to leave the back seam until almost last then pin fit and sew right up through the waistband before finishing the band. Try it on some cheap fabric first to see the how the parts are done and the order. Good luck.

  5. Jan...those pants are stunning! And what a great fit.

    1. thank you Glenda, I couldn't have done it without SFD


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