Sunday, 31 January 2016

You may need sunglasses to view this blog!!

Yes I know, it's a bit 'in your face' but sometimes the fancy just gets you. I'm sure I'm not the first [and I won't be the last] to buy some fabric with a clear plan in mind and then once you're home again and you take the fabric out of the bag, you think 'What on earth was I thinking???'

Well that was the situation when I bought this lightweight pink tie dye fabric that had a linen feel to it. Jeanne and I were on a visit to Goldhawk Road and this just reached out and said 'make me into a flash pair of jeans.' Well I couldn't say no to that request so here they are....

I've made several pairs of jeans using my SFD blueprint and followed Glenda's Jeans: Behind the Scenes video instructions with great success. The waist and hips fit me well, however, I always felt that I could have narrowed the legs more and this fabric was my opportunity to do just that. 

I took about 1.5 cm off each side of both the front and back which meant a total of 6 cm all round each leg. Had I overdone it? I followed Glenda's video advice to measure against the width of some RTW jeans. I had a pair that I bought a few years back and whilst the waistband is almost too tight to wear them now the leg width is just how I like it so that's what I did.

The resulting jeans are a good fit and although the fabric may be a bit too much for most situations I'm sure I'll wear them in the summer in Europe on our next vacation visit or just round the house. At least they have been a good test muslin and the altered jeans sloper is now ready for the next 'posh' pair.

The fabric itself is a bit flimsy and although I gave the fabric a good wash before I cut it out to adjust for any shrinkage, the resulting jeans are very comfortable but I am wondering whether this will still be the case after I've washed them again. Will they shrink more and will they still be comfortable or even wearable? Well, I'll report back after they've been laundered but as this was extremely cheap fabric, I'm not bothered. As a muslin they did their job and I'm now confident that my next 'proper' jeans will  have a slimmer leg.

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